National Freelancers Day Fringe Event: Are you charging enough?

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National Freelancers Day Fringe Event: Are you charging enough?
Exploring the dilemma of pricing work that springs from your natural gifts

Self-employed creatives lost out on more than £5,000 of income for giving away work in hopes of gaining exposure and 20% of freelancers say giving away work for free is standard practice, according to research*.

Is it because we undervalue our work or feel guilty charging money for our natural and intuitive gifts or our work isn't recognised or respected by clients or we are afraid of charging more lest no one pays?

Lots of emotions can surround money decisions, and this event will bring together self-employed people whose creative work relies on intuitive and natural gifts.

We'll hear from panellists on their journeys from uncertainty to confidence and how they navigated setting boundaries, building trust and making a living as your own boss.

Attendees will gain insights they can apply to properly value their professional work, plus enjoy refreshments, networking and discussion on these topics.

Moderator Liza Horan (MindstreamConnect) leads a panel discussion with storyworld creator Claire Colston (Fairy Worldwide), artist Rose Strang (Rose Strang Artworks) and spiritual coach David Thomas Wright.

*Joint research project by IPSE and Freelancers Club in 2016

This event is presented by, covering mind-body-spirit pathways to wellness.