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IR35 in the private sector – your questions answered

  • Webinar

For the IPSE policy webinar this week, IPSE’s Director of Policy Andy Chamberlain will be joined by CEO of ContractorCalculator, Dave Chaplin, to discuss the latest on IR35 and the proposed changes in the private sector.

Dave and Andy will discuss some of the key questions on IR35 at the moment, including:

  • What changes does the government want to make to the IR35 legislation?
  • Where are we with this legislation? Is it coming in 2021, or is there still hope?
  • What were the key concerns raised by the House of Lords Committee and is the government going to address them?
  • What are the courts saying on IR35 status, and on Mutuality of Obligation in particular?
  • Does the CEST tool reflect the case law?
  • If it does come in, what can hirers do to ensure they can access the flexible skills they will need while still being compliant?

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions during the webinar but you can also send them to us in advance by emailing [email protected] – please put ‘Question for the Webinar’ in the subject line.

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Andy BBC News 2 (newsletter).jpg
Andy Chamberlain is Director of Policy at IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed)


20160503 - Dave Chaplin - Shot#2.jpg
Dave Chaplin is CEO of Contractor Calculator