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How to grow your contractor business and boost your bank account through diversification and side hustles

  • Webinar

Having multiple revenue streams is good for your bank account but also helps cultivate an outside IR35 business. Regardless of your IR35 status, it’s also useful when the cost of living has gone through the roof.

This exclusive webinar will present a number of revenue generating opportunities that we might refer to as ‘side hustles’ - revenue streams that can be run alongside your main contracting activities, earning you additional income that drives financial security while demonstrating a ‘true business’ status if that is important to you.

We’ll be talking about how to sell and make money from your expertise, information products, some alternatives to traditional contracts, the eye-opening potential of a subscription business model, becoming a coach and much more.

Would you like a new revenue stream that you can set up in just 4 hours?

We’ll cover details of the technologies that you need to support these ventures with a case study that will show you how to set up a new revenue stream in just a single afternoon.


This session is free of charge to both members and non-members. Please book now to register your attendance. This webinar will be hosted on Zoom Webinar.


As always there will be plenty of scope to ask questions during the webinar but you can also send them in advance when registering for the event or send them to events@ipse.co.uk.