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Coronavirus: Support for limited companies, with ForgottenLtd

  • Webinar

On Thursday 2nd July, IPSE will be joined by the co-founder of ForgottenLtd, Gina Broadhurst, to talk about the campaign to get support for limited companies during Coronavirus.

IPSE’s Director of Policy Andy Chamberlain, as well as Policy Development Manager Alasdair Hutchison, will talk to Gina about the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on limited company directors, what support is currently available and the campaign to do more for this group. They will also discuss the future of the campaign, the likelihood of a second wave and what could then be done for freelancers working through limited companies.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions during the webinar but you can also send them to us in advance by emailing [email protected] – please put ‘Question for the Webinar’ in the subject line.

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Gina Broadhurst is a business owner and co-founder of the #ForgottenLtd campaign


Andy Chamberlain is Director of Policy at IPSE


Alasdair Hutchison is Policy Development Manager at IPSE