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Ask the expert Q&A: How to use video as a freelancer to win new clients

This event has now passed...

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IPSE will host a series of ask the expert Q&A’s where IPSE members can join sessions to find out more about a specific topic. Run by a leading expert, these events will give you access to a bespoke presentation followed by Q&A’s to help you increase your knowledge.

Veteran Freelancer (of 20+ years!) video creator and video marketer Jeremy Mason shares ways in which you can leverage the power of video to access new audiences of people online - and how to build relationships with them over time, so that ultimately they become clients.

This Q&A session builds on the previous popular IPSE event, Video Marketing Q&A, and deals with how to identify what your target market are searching for – and how you can position yourself as a freelancer, to become regarded as the 'go to' expert in your niche.

We also look at how to structure engaging videos, what topics to talk about, and how to present yourself as a freelancer, in the best way possible.

To keep the discussion manageable, spaces are limited and given on a first-come-first-served basis. This session will not be recorded so if you want to get access to the content you will need to sign up and attend the live event.