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Ask the expert Q&A: Find more clients by finding your flow

Ever notice those moments in your business where you feel unstoppable? Time flies by, you're running on instinct and you’re winning work left and right?

These moments are known as being 'in flow' and they are the key to your business success.

Conversely, if you’re out of flow, running a business feels hard. It burns your energy, kills creativity and hammers your confidence. You see obstacles instead of opportunities and winning work like an endless battle.

In this Q&A masterclass, Jim Hughes from Untamed will share insights on:

  • What causes you to feel tired, burnt out or frustrated in your businesses
  • What ‘flow’ looks like for you
  • Simple steps you can take right now to design your business around your flow states, increasing your energy and performance

To keep the discussion manageable, spaces are limited and given on a first-come-first-served basis. This session will not be recorded so if you want to get access to the content you will need to sign up and attend the live event.

This is an IPSE member exclusive event.

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