Contractor CVs - problems and solutions

There are specific challenges to writing a CV for the freelance / contract market. The traditional ‘permanent’ style of CV is fundamentally flawed and there isn’t a whole heap of well researched and authoritative guidance available on the subject.

Making a Good Impression

As you only get one chance to create the right impression, when you attend interviews or client pitches, make sure you create a good one to ensure you secure that contract.

The Power of Questions

Many contractors sell their services based on the “answers”, or solutions, they provide. Our CV or Linked-In page can read like a menu of “solutions” to client-problems, an impressive list of stunning achievements.

The review meeting

For many busy independent professionals, meetings are an unwelcome interruption to getting real work done.

What happens to those clients who DON’T hire us?

Given that we spend a lot of time with our clients, it is natural that we are reasonably familiar with those who hire us. But what about those who don’t? What are the consequences of not hiring us, or someone like us?

Approaching clients directly

Some freelancers prefer to work directly with the end-client, without a recruitment agency or third party in between.

Business Planning

When you embark on a freelance career learning to think like a business is one of the fundamental skills you need to acquire. Devising a business plan and scoping out the market are just a few things you should be considering.

Finding work through online job boards

Finding freelance work online can be a tricky task. There are hundreds of websites advertising freelance work encompassing millions of individual jobs, all waiting to be bid on by work-hungry freelancers.

Getting your contract renewed

As most freelancers can confirm, the “lowest hanging fruit” is often the contract you already have. Whatever about the quality of the work (or the client, or the rate) the easiest business to secure is with the client that already knows you.

The referral conversation

One of the major aims of business conversation for freelancers is: getting an introduction or a referral to someone who could use our services.

The review meeting

For many busy independent professionals, meetings are an unwelcome interruption to getting real work done.

Untapped opportunities with existing clients

If you tell a freelancer that you have a magic recipe for getting new clients, you will almost certainly get their attention. (Sceptical attention, perhaps, but attention nevertheless.)

Flexible workspace

As a benefit of IPSE Plus Membership, find out about your access to flexible workspaces in and around London.


One of the obstacles for small consultancies is that more and more public sector bodies are insisting that their suppliers have ISO9001 certification.

Freelancing: Top tips on negotiating rates

What’s your fee? Many contractors will be familiar with this question, which marks the start of a negotiation. This article focusses on some of the typical ways in which you can put yourself in a stronger position.

Boost Your Marketability

Your professional summary may appear in a number of places including your CV, LinkedIn profile or website.

Contractors: Top Tips to Boost Your Marketability

It’s a tough job market so maximising your marketability is essential. Here are some insightful ‘quick win’ ideas to boost your ability to secure contract assignments.

Improving your networking

Whether you look to agencies to find your work, or prefer to win projects directly from clients, the ability to present yourself and your business in a positive way is an important skill.

Using your past performance to win new work

The latest IPSE surveys show that there are more than 1.5 million skilled temporary staff in the UK - and the number is increasing all the time. How do you stand out from others in the market, and ensure you’re in pole position for the best jobs?

Executive MBA for IPSE Plus members

Provided by Ashridge Business School (a leading international business school), the Freelance MBA offers 24/7 online access to a wealth of leading-edge web-based management learning material and business resources to strengthen your business knowledge.

Freelance MBA: Delivering Service Excellence

In today’s market, competence is not enough. In order to attract and retain profitable customers freelancers must ensure that they provide them with a full range of value adding services targeted to their needs and resulting in solutions to their concern