DNS Associates

382 Kenton Road, Harrow HA3 8DP

DNS has invested in development of one of the most powerful, user friendly accounting software packages for accountants and clients, to make managing a business so much easier.

Our investment ensures that our clients have full access to one of the world’s leading marketing and business growth systems. DNS has proven solutions for some of the biggest challenges owners face during their business lifecycle (from start-up to growth and maturity).

This is all part of our standard service - but it hasn’t always been like that. 

We started out like the rest- just going through the motions; doing the same as all other accountants. There was very little difference between any of us. 
It soon became clear that if we really wanted to make a difference to our clients’ lives and businesses, we needed a different approach - one that focused on expert financial and tax-saving advice, as well as helping our clients to get more sales. More customers = more profit, and if your business is doing well, then so will ours. 

  • FREE Unlimited Support via phone, email, or face-to-face, six days a week, for advice or assistance on any financial matter.

  • 3-Step Service Guarantee all our work carries a guarantee that the service you receive is the service for which you signed up.
  • Tailor made package for Contractors designed and tailored for contractors and small businesses to add value to your business.
  •  Monthly accounts: make sure you’re on top of your accounts and there is NO uncertainty.
  • Free tax planning advice: so you pay as little tax as possible with minimum hassle; that you benefit from all the allowances and benefits to which you’re entitled.
  • Free access to award-winning bookkeeping and accountancy software Nomisma: integrated cloud-based bookkeeping software for contractors and small businesses, accessible on any device, and including free features: i.e. home-as-office calculator, full integration with HMRC, and bank feed.

Services provided