A strong pedigree

IPSE has been representing the interests of the self-employed since 1999. IPSE was originally formed as the Professional Contractors Group to provide independent contractors and consultants with a representative voice in opposition to the original IR35 proposals. 

Over time IPSE evolved from being a single-issue campaign group to a fully-fledged, not-for-profit professional body, and into the largest association of self employed in the UK.

We've had some notable successes over the years:

  • Protection from IR35: IPSE has successfully helped thousands of members with IR35. Thanks to our expert advice and insurance, freelancers who are IPSE members are half as likely to pay extra tax under IR35 than those who aren’t. 
  • Small Business Commissioner: we were instrumental in establishing this newly created Government post, aimed at naming and shaming companies with a late payment culture.  
  • Modern Employment Review: IPSE called for and directly fed into the Government-commissioned review of solo working published in 2017, and has joined a Ministerial advisory panel on how the review will be implemented.
  • Tax relief for work-related travel and subsistence: in 2015 the Government announced it was planning to curtail the vital tax freelancers rely on for work travel. IPSE’s extensive lobbying and media campaign ensured the plans were shelved. 
  • Intra-company transfers: these rules allow companies to transfer specialist staff between countries to address skills shortages, but are sometimes exploited to reduce contractors’ fees. IPSE successfully brought about a change in the rules to tackle this exploitation.
  • Section 660 win in the House of Lords: IPSE successfully backed two members all the way to the House of Lords in a case involving punitive and retrospective changes to tax law, and the case was consequently thrown out. 


For more information on IPSE’s current campaigning work visit the Policy section of the site.