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The initial excitement of moving house can become somewhat overshadowed if your home is also your business address, writes Rachel Bridge.

Emma Thyer, from savings and investment service Nutmeg, looks at how self-employed people can save money and get a return on their investments.

Caroline Baldwin looks at the latest smart technology, handy if your office is also your home.

The initial excitement of moving house can become somewhat overshadowed if your home is also your business address, writes Rachel Bridge.

When's the right time to start your own business? Benedict Smith gives it some thought…

Hamish Macdonell analyses the aftermath of the Scottish referendum.

Hannah Martin (pictured right), freelance copywriter and the talented lady behind the Talented Ladies Club (www.talentedladiesclub.com) – an online resource for freelance mums – sheds light on being a self-employed mum.

Tomorrow is a big day at IPSE HQ where we’ll be deciding the winners of the 15 for 2015 competition launched earlier this year.
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today welcomed proposals set out by the Shadow Business Minister in an attempt to tackle the problem of late payment.

House prices and the availability of mortgages seem to make national news every day, but what is harder to decipher is whether this is a very British fascination with the value of your home, or whether potential borrowers should genuinely fear what is to happen next, writes Taj Kang of Contractor

24/10/2014 15:07
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24/10/2014 12:49
RT @shipsandpigs: Sorting out travel down to London for the final of the @teamIPSE @15for15 competition. Event details & tickets here: http…
24/10/2014 12:13
Meet #selfemployed women and get expert advice at our @WomanFreelancer event next week http://t.co/T8zBi6TWc9 #WFN2014
24/10/2014 09:16
RT @tamaracowling: Looking forward to the upcoming women in freelancing event @teamIPSE
23/10/2014 14:33
Judges have selected @15for15 winners! Book your tickets for @CelebrateNFD to hear the winners announced live http://t.co/rk79jAihwF
23/10/2014 14:01
RT @Safe_Collects: #Manchester independent #freelancer people a few tickets left for http://t.co/UT8E5wNpAm today with us @teamIPSE & @Team
23/10/2014 12:21
Judging is well underway to pick our @15for15 winning #freelancers. Good luck to all finalists!
23/10/2014 11:24
RT @boostevenson: In todays Hackney Gazette as finalist in 15for15! @hackneygazette @teamIPSE @BenIPSE @hlsomerville @15for15 #15for15 http…
23/10/2014 11:18
@clubworkspace RT @grizzlybaz: @teamIPSE I have need of @clubworkspace in the near future, presumably they'll still accept #PCG cards?
23/10/2014 10:14
Our expert panel of judges has arrived to decide the winners of our @15for15 #freelance competition!
23/10/2014 09:12
RT @grizzlybaz: I'd also recommend contractors, freelancers and the self-employed join @teamIPSE. Great organisation for supporting indepen…
23/10/2014 09:12
@grizzlybaz Hi Baz - New membership cards are being worked on and will be released sometime in the near future
23/10/2014 09:08
RT @KingsbridgeProf: .@teamIPSE, we're looking forward to seeing you all at tonight's #Freelancer MoneyBox in Manchester.
22/10/2014 17:28
#Freelancer in Manchester? Come along to Freelancer MoneyBox tomorrow evening for free financial advice! http://t.co/8idyF0Zqs7
22/10/2014 16:34
Our judges will decide the @15for15 #freelance winners tomorrow! Find out more about the comp and judges here http://t.co/wcw0Q73vR9
22/10/2014 15:32
#NFD2014 will be celebrating with events in London, Manchester & Edinburgh on 19 November. Join an event near you! http://t.co/dHnftNFk5I
22/10/2014 08:56
RT @TeamCrunch: Only two days left til our freelancing event in #Manchester with @teamIPSE. Grab tickets here: http://t.co/1HHk4vvp0G http:…
21/10/2014 15:40
Our Manchester freelancer Moneybox event is this Thursday! Get your free tickets here http://t.co/dq2SWW80ia
21/10/2014 12:36
Blog: Award winning illustrator @emmelinedraws gives her tips for stress free self-employment http://t.co/djn1RsIWV9
21/10/2014 11:58
RT @itcontracting: Security Clearance Code of Practice is a welcome step - @JordanIPSE of @teamIPSE discusses http://t.co/etCK8gvTjW
21/10/2014 10:54
RT @CelebrateNFD: #NFD2014 is nearly here! Who has signed up to a National #Freelancers Day event on 19 November? http://t.co/Kkj4iNKalR
20/10/2014 16:44
RT @CelebrateNFD: 19 November will see celebrations of all things #freelance across the country! Join an event near you on #NFD2014 http://…
20/10/2014 15:03
Press release: self-employment body welcomes Shadow Business Minister's commitment to tackling late payment http://t.co/LYdBZ4ackI
20/10/2014 10:41
RT @FMoneybox: Freelancer MoneyBox Manchester is this Thursday - Book your tickets here http://t.co/RgrZTsLHm2
17/10/2014 16:19
RT @bigbrownepaul: @TonyRobinsonOBE @teamIPSE @EnterpriseRocks a minister for sb would be magic of his job was to sweep out bureaucracy and…
17/10/2014 13:20
RT @JordanIPSE: Great to see @NickyMorgan01 & Fiona Bruce MP speaking up for the self-employed in Parliament http://t.co/ypulIimTdV
17/10/2014 13:04
RT @sophdudes: Great to see @demos report on self-employment mentioned by @NickyMorgan01 in the house http://t.co/IfOUlIAn1v cc @DuncanOlea
17/10/2014 10:21
Recap: want to see the #ipsemanifesto explained by the people who wrote it? Watch this episode of #ipselive http://t.co/slcnmsBl3d
17/10/2014 09:00
Do you have your ticket for #NFD14 yet? We're in London, Manchester and Edinburgh this year! http://t.co/7uammFjPXG
17/10/2014 08:40
@ArapikiIT Hi David, we will be making that announcement very soon. Please bear with us!
17/10/2014 08:39
RT @benrbreen: Self-employment growing at more than 3 times the rate of traditional employment in UK report @teamIPSE http://t.co/prS4iaFpSC
16/10/2014 17:48
For #NFD14 we've created some guides to getting started in #freelancelife. Check them out! http://t.co/7fyV3mSIKL
16/10/2014 15:46
For National Freelancers Day 2014 we're asking you to back our cause. Sign up in support of self-employment here: http://t.co/s67CnNAwEC
16/10/2014 14:46
Press Release: IPSE welcomes the ‘Cutting Red Tape in Europe’ report released in Brussels yesterday http://t.co/9pvnBCJVyB
16/10/2014 11:30
Blog: IPSE affiliate Taj Kang takes us through what contractors should know about house prices http://t.co/2YdGQciF8G
16/10/2014 10:08
RT @Jn_Norris: Those @TalentedLadies ladies are everywhere! Great column in this month's @teamIPSE magazine.
15/10/2014 14:36
RT @CelebrateNFD: We are calling for a tax system for the innovation-driven economy. Do you agree? Sign our petition here: http://t.co/nA8E
15/10/2014 13:17
Press release: IPSE responds to ONS stats showing fundamental shift in way Britain works is here to stay http://t.co/wtnA6mKCrg
15/10/2014 11:10
RT @ClearSkyAcc: We're proud to be associated with the @15for15 competition from @teamIPSE http://t.co/dnNEjEMGc2
15/10/2014 11:10
Blog: @JordanIPSE tackles the Scottish devolution debate http://t.co/exDyKGWnD6
15/10/2014 09:05
Press Release: early signs of rate increase set to counteract rising business costs for #freelancers - http://t.co/Feq5WchVot
15/10/2014 08:32
RT @nickchef88: Thanks to @teamIPSE for having @TeamCrunch today. Got two great interviews from @BenSmithIPSE and @AndyIPSE. http://t.co/PO
14/10/2014 16:57
RT @OutsauceUK: Make sure to take a look at the #selfemployed manifesto for National Freelancers Day: http://t.co/Ji8y4695F0 @teamIPSE #NFD
14/10/2014 16:53
RT @EfipUpdate: 9 Million Free? Welcome self-employment in Europe w/ this nice video http://t.co/jZ2SqOYG1b
14/10/2014 16:00
Have you got behind the #selfemployed manifesto for National Freelancers Day? More here: http://t.co/s67CnNAwEC
14/10/2014 14:21
Press release: Freelance Confidence Index says early signs of rate increase spells optimism for freelancers http://t.co/V4qrwGdFgr
14/10/2014 13:59
Blog: Economist Meagan Crawford looks at the UK's Consumer Price Index figures released today http://t.co/nb1AeFWspc
14/10/2014 11:59
RT @JordanIPSE: Back Britain's 4.6 million self-employed people - sign our petition http://t.co/NqmpDdUC7i